Tattoo Club Kid Halloween Jen Vixen


In this artsy GothicSluts update, beautiful goth girl Jen Vixen strips out of the outfit (which according to the shoot intro) she wore to the club the night before. There is a certain erotic hallucinatory appeal to this shoot, so that viewing it feels almost like a memory of something lazily sensual which happened at the end of a long night, photos which almost seem like happily remembered if hazy memories of hedonic joy.


gothicsluts jen vixen pink



BDSM Boy/Girl Love in Front of the Fireplace


In this BlueBlood update, BDSM players Marriah and Schno get intense. Tattooed Schno ties up the equally inked Marriah. He teases her and flogs her. She is so in the zone, her mascara runs black down her face. She sucks his cock with her hands behind her back. Finally, they go at it hard and heavy in front of the fireplace. They finish with a long slow loving kiss. Very very hot stuff!


blueblood marriah schno fireplace



Koko Gets Kinky In The Park


I love going to the park. You can walk around and enjoy nature, see beautiful trees and animals, and play around. Luckily EroticBPM feels the same. They have taken Koko to the park to have fun. With colorful dreads, and plaid socks, she undresses. She shows her beautiful tits, pierced pussy, and tattoos in all their natural glory. I might have to go take a walk…

Mary Jane Does The Twist-er

I love twister. Get some friends together and make asses of yourselves. Then somebody like Mary Jane shows up with EroticBPM in tow and upstages everybody. She takes her bra and panties off, which would distract even the most hardcore players with her awesome body. Then she pulls out the trump card. A big purple dildo. She slides it gracefully into her smooth pussy. I think that qualifies as the winning move. Game over.

Mary Jane Is a Feisty Kitty

Cat woman. Naked. Wanna know more? Of course you do. Here we have a lovely Mary Jane in cat ears and a cat tail, exposed by EroticBPM. She quickly removed the tail, exposing a smooth ass and beautiful tattooed legs. She rolls around on blue silk sheets, showing her shaved pussy and supple breasts. Think she could use a sidekick?

Eidolona Gets Superstar Clean

It is a new year. Time to clean out the old and bring in the new. The lovely Eidolona is doing just that for BarelyEvil. Starting out naked in the tub, she turns every which direction to show off her big star tattoo, lovely tits, and her cleanly shaven pussy. If the new year is starting out like this, I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Bella Vendetta’s Diamond Eyes

Bella Vendetta is gorgeous. A killer body, awesome tattoos, and eyes that you could stare into for hours all show how gorgeous, in this Barely Evil post. Wearing nothing but tube socks, boots, and diamond studded glasses, she begins by showing her perfect ass. Then gives an innocent smile that says she wants you to see what she does next. Which would be sitting on the floor, showing her pierced pussy, and beautiful breasts off. There’s just something amazing about her unabashed posing, and devilish eyes that makes her stunningly sexy.

Krysta Kaos goes Au Natural

I’m a nature lover. Love being outdoors in the fresh air. Krysta Kaos takes things one step further than I do though. Running naked through a wheat field, she takes a roll in the hay, as they say, and lets the sun caress her beautiful tattooed and pierced body for GothicSluts. Sun kissed never looked so good.

gothicsluts kristakaos field

Flambe Can’t Wait to be Naked

Flambe proves she doesn’t need props or lingerie to arouse desire! She is positively en fuego gathering her dark hair off her neck and tilting her hips to underscore the hotness of her fit body. The pale beauty strips off her pink fishnet mini dress super quick because she just can’t wait to be naked for BarelyEvil. Let your eyes follow her tattoo down the delicate curve of her spine to the enticing hint of her pussy below.

Barely Evil Flambe Pink Fishnet

Ruby Violence Gets Back to Nature

When Ruby Violence runs through a field for a Gothic Sluts set with nothing but a sarong, nature gets happy. Not being bound by clothes, she bends over to show her supple ass and pussy. The field is not enough though, and she gets down and dirty on all fours at a nearby walking trail. Nature never had it so good.