Scar 13 and Darenzia in Armor


In this EroticFandom update, superstar fetish babes Scar 13 and Darenzia are decked out in armor. There is a sense of play in this update, but it is still crazy hot when Darenzia teases Scar‘s perfect pale shaved pussy with the blade of a sword.


eroticfandom scar 13 darenzia armor



Scar Models Mesh Gown


Scar brings back voyeurism, only she knows you’re watching. In fact, she’s counting on it. Her dark pigtails are cute, but her expression is positively naughty as she goes against the grain, seductively dressing herself in this GothicSluts update. She steers the shoot from playful frolic to stunning smoulder, first jaunting naked as a babe and then letting down her hair and slipping into a slinky backless gown. The material hugs her body like a sleeve, and she’s just as hot in the dress as she is out of it.


Gothic Sluts Scar13 Gown



Darenzia Heals Scar 13s Invisible Wounds


Darenzia has a patient by the name of Scar 13. Her hot pink latex nurse outfit shows the irresistible Scar 13 how to treat her wounds. She rubs her wounds, however minor they may be. The blue lipped patient begs for more treatment. Not one to slack off on her job, Darenzia obliges her patient with all the pleasure she could want. With a through breast exam, and a little kissing, everything is healed.

Vamp Dahlia Dark Dominates Scar 13

In this GothicSluts update, vamp Dahlia Dark is just the dominatrix Scar 13 needs. Dahlia Dark is an icy dominant beauty in her white corset and gothic pale blue vampire eyes. Dahlia pulls Scar’s hair, plays with her breath, and generally makes sure she knows who is boss. Dahlia is a gorgeous domina, truly the cruel mistress of gothic dreams.

gothicsluts dahlia dark scar13 white corset

Scar and Szandora Graffiti Girls Making Out

Szandora and Scar 13 really turn up the heat making out feverishly in this graffiti girls update on BarelyEvil. Have to love the colorful setting with the colorful girls getting so into it.

barelyevil graffiti girls scar13 szandora

Scar 13 Really Loves Her Hookah

I can’t remember if I already told you guys about this GothicSluts set where Scar 13 demonstrates how much she really really loves her hookah. Hopefully, on 4/20, I can be forgiven if my memory is a little fuzzy. I think the hookah makers intended for her to put that part only in her mouth, but this is nice too.

scar 13 scar13 loves hookah 420

Witch Xanthia Doll Spanks Scar 13 with Lollipop

Scar13 and Xanthia Doll dress up as witches for Halloween. They are playful in this set at first. Then Scar spanks Xanthia with a big black and orange lollipop, but Xanthia gets her revenge when she repeatedly spanks Scar 13 so hard with lollipops that they shatter on her ass over and over again until her pale gothic flesh is very pink. What a Happy Halloween!

Gearhead Scar gives herself a jump

It’s no secret that I’m crazy for Scar13, but who would have thought she could shed her glam-goth-slut image and head deep into gearhead territory? She is about the cutest thing ever when she strips down and spreads open her chassis, but you’ve got to see it when she gets seriously amped up with some jumper cables in this fucking hot Lori Mann set.

Scar 13 Jumper Cables

Scar13 in black lace rubber high heels and dead things

I’m not sure what I like most about this Gothic Sluts set of Scar13 — the fact that it’s shot in her apartment (which is furnished in bare brick, splattered paint and dead things), the fact that she sensuously tongues an ungulate skull — or maybe it’s her little green pillbox hat. More likely, it’s Scar herself, exactly how I like her — wearing exquisite rubber and black lace, but not for long. And those polka-dot shoes just do something exquisite to those perfect feet of hers.

Red velvet black lace blue hair and naked perfection

I was on the balcony at the last San Francisco Fetish Ball watching Scar13 onstage when some guy crowded in next to me pointed and told me “Huh, huh, she used to be my submissive, huh huh.” The guy was probably either a) full of shit, b) telling the truth, or c) something in between. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ll never know, because I was too busy staring rapturously at Scar to turn around and look at the guy. You could travel to the ends of the Earth and you’ll never find a hotter goth chick than Scar. Here, dolled up in black lace, leather, and a Blue Blood sweat shirt, she writhes on a red and black velvet loveseat, strips and spreads herself wide for you. Make no mistake: this bluehaired deathrocker will leave her bloody mark upon your heart.