Masuimi Stretches To The Max


Health experts say that stretching is key to a healthy body, and the basis for a good exercise routine. Masuimi Max must know this because she is an expert at stretching. The top half of her body at least. She easily busts out of her top, exposing her perfect tits and beautifully suckable nipples. She tugs and pulls on her orange top, trying to be as healthy as possible for RubberDollies. Wonder if she would be up for an alternative workout.




Mosh Will Make Your Room Boil


Mosh is posing in a boiler room in a latex miniskirt and white heels. Things get warm when she starts to remove the skirt and show her sexy pale body and pierced nipples. It gets too warm, even for her, and the skirt comes off. The rest of the Rubber Dollies set allows her to show off her unbound assets in all their steamy glory.




Mosh Shows Stairs A Good Time


Mosh is so hot that even stairs don’t know which way they are going. In this RubberDollies set, she gets acquainted with said set of stairs. Laying down on them, she decides to remove her latex bra to experience the freedom stairs can bring. We are then treated to a lovely view of her taking the matching latex miniskirt off, exposing her round ass. I am sure the stairs enjoyed the view as much as I did.

Maitresse Jennifer Final Curtain

Writer/photographer Amelia G wrote a nice obituary for famous beautiful blonde Maitresse Jennifer of The Nuns to go with this final shoot of her. It is a bit gothic, but I guess RubberDollies is a goth latex site.

rubberdollies maitresse jennifer

Fetish Ballerina Mosh

The armchair isn’t the only thing giving off dirty vibes in this RubberDollies set. Mosh seductively sheds her jumpsuit like a shiny second skin, the impossible shape of her gorgeous ass emerging from thighs coated in slick black latex. With her waist cinched tight and tits bare, Mosh has devastating curves. You’ll be dreaming of horizontal pirouettes with this beauty’s fetish pointe heels behind her ears.

Darenzia Heals Scar 13s Invisible Wounds

Darenzia has a patient by the name of Scar 13. Her hot pink latex nurse outfit shows the irresistible Scar 13 how to treat her wounds. She rubs her wounds, however minor they may be. The blue lipped patient begs for more treatment. Not one to slack off on her job, Darenzia obliges her patient with all the pleasure she could want. With a through breast exam, and a little kissing, everything is healed.

Mosh Will Make You Scream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Mosh. She is all dolled up for RubberDollies in shoulder high rubber gloves, a black latex miniskirt, and heels. The smooth clean look doesn’t last long as she gets a double scoop of ice cream. Due to her hotness, the ice cream starts to melt. Not to worry, she knows how to make the best out of this situation, and rubs it all over her latex clad body. Scream loud enough, and you might get to see more.

Sexy Redhead Bustle

The only thing sexier than a smoldering redhead is a smoldering redhead stripping off wild rubber. In this RubberDollies shoot, Lydia Ivy West looks dangerously hot.

rubberdollies lydia ivy west bustle

Szandora Rubber Spikes

Those rubber spikes on Szandora give a sexy dangerous come hither. RubberDollies showcases the hottest alt girls wearing, not only the finest rubber couture, but also really avante-garde rubber fashions. But you know those beautiful girls always take the shiny stuff off in the end or at least manage to be naked, even while wearing molded rubber.

rubberdollies szandora rubber spike

Darenzia Grinds

There is so much to look at in this RubberDollies update, lensed by Kelly Lind that it is hard to know what to concentrate on. Gotta love that sparking grinder, the patriotic latex, and Alex La Marsh’s over-the-top makeup, but I think I’m going to concentrate on Darenzia’s ballet dancer body.

rubber dollies darenzia grinder