Razor Candi Stocking Fetish


In this stocking fetish update, Razor Candi shows that the GothicSluts beauties can really wear the unusual lingerie. From the peek-a-boo crotch to the see-thru top, Razor Candi’s intense sensuality is just bursting out of these kinky full body nylons.


gothicsluts razor candi stocking fetish



Miss Crash Evil Cunt


What can you say about a girl who has Evil Cunt tattooed across the backs of her sweet white thighs? Well, in the case of Miss Crash in this GothicSluts, lensed by Forrest Black and Amelia G, you can say that she is beautiful from her vibrant red hair to her brightly colored tattoos to the leather fetish gear from Antiseptic Fashion around her delicate ankles. What can you say about the fact that the Blue Blood sites feature at least two girls with Evil Cunt tattooed across some part of their fine anatomy? In this case, just yummy.


gothicsluts miss crash evil cunt



Yolanda Fuzzy Foot Fetish Red and Gold Corset


In this artistic GothicSluts update, Yolanda shows off in a parade of hot fetish outfits. She looks so sexy in everything from a hot pink robe and fuzzy bedroom pig slippers to a high end red and gold corset. A fabulous shoot for the true fetishist.

gothicsluts yolanda fuzzy slippers

Kellie LaPlegua Fetish Tongues

In this EroticFandom, Kellie LaPlegua looks spooky and gorgeous, stripping off the newest leather couture from AMF. Kellie begins the shoot in a very exotic fetish butcher apron, then adds the extreme kink tongues mask, finally ending up nude in the garden. Like Eve, only way kinkier and hotter.

erotic fandom kellie laplegua tongues

Darenzia Fetish Cave

In this GothicSluts update, fetish goddess Darenzia, clad in corset and pinstripes, is contrasted against a background of stone ruins. Very erotic.

gothic sluts darenzia fetish cave

Szandora Contortionist Nylon Fetish Queen

In this GothicSluts update, Szandora shows off some unusual hosiery with her ankles behind her ears. A real pleasure for nylon fetishists and acrobatic fans. The blue hair is hot too.

Nina Sin Fetish Nurse

In this BarelyEvil update, shot by Forrest Black and Amelia G, the glorious Nina Sin is a fetish nurse who is taking her own temperature with a very large and very pretty glass thermometer. Nina Sin has such a hot glowering sexuality that she is the dream medical dominatrix.

barelyevil nina sin nurse

Jax in Vinyl Pants and Big Fetish Boots

In this BarelyEvil update, Jax shows off her beautiful backpiece wing tattoo and stomps around in big sexy fetish boots.

barelyevil jax vinyl

Stocking Fetish Goddess Mosh

In this GothicSluts update, shot by Lori Mann, Mosh manages to stretch her fabulous legs in an industrial environment without snagging a stocking. This is pretty much a nylon fetishist’s dream sequence as Mosh contorts into sexy poses and shows off those gorgeous gams.

gothicsluts mosh industrial

Ivory Wraith Fetish Shower

Ivory Wraith manages to look totally badass sexy in this GothicSluts update. I love the hot water cascading down her slick fetish gear.

gothicsluts ivory wraith shower