BDSM Boy/Girl Love in Front of the Fireplace


In this BlueBlood update, BDSM players Marriah and Schno get intense. Tattooed Schno ties up the equally inked Marriah. He teases her and flogs her. She is so in the zone, her mascara runs black down her face. She sucks his cock with her hands behind her back. Finally, they go at it hard and heavy in front of the fireplace. They finish with a long slow loving kiss. Very very hot stuff!


blueblood marriah schno fireplace



Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas


BlueBlood shows once again why it is known for its world famous signature couples sets, showing individualistic eroticism with interactive shoots. Forrest Black and Amelia G lensed this hot sex series of Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas doing it and doing it and doing it well. Tattoo love nest gorgeousness.


blueblood misti dawn michael vegas



Nixon Sixx and Tankboy Get Frisky


Put the ever lovely Nixon and the handsome Tankboy together and you are bound to get some explosive results. Fortunately, BlueBlood allows us to see the results of such a combination. Things start out innocently enough, with some corset removal, boob rubbing, and a neck massage for him. Things quickly turn erotic, with full clothing removal and some nipple licking. Giving into desires, they take turns going down on one another. We see her pleasured face and his Prince Albert pierced cock. After all is done, a romantic kiss makes all right with the world.

blueblood tankboy nixon sixx

Superna and Scar 13 Teasing A Wall

Get two women as fucking sexy as Superna and Scar 13 together and there is bound to be somebody who wants to see and hear whats going on. Well, you can see whats going on in this BlueBlood set. If you have ever wanted to be a brick wall, this is your chance. Watching these two goddesses of tattoos and kink tease each other with kissing is all the more reason to want to be that wall. Then, when they start to pull at each others bras to see more of the good stuff, you might get as hard as that wall behind them.

Michelle and Aiden, Hotties on Deck!

Michelle Aston does butch right, even as she’s taken by the snatch and forced to grovel at XXX bombshell Aiden Starr’s feet. And who wouldn’t want to rein veteran hottie Michelle in by her necktie and ride her bareback? Or squirm in pleasure on her hot, flicking tongue? Aiden does both, with the succulent bulk of her breasts straining against her open top like cannons at the ready. BlueBlood captured these two heating up the night air!

Michelle and Aiden, Hotties on Deck!

Tattoo Blowjob Wet Spanking Sex

This BlueBlood couples feature with Marriah and Schno is super hot. They are both heavily tattooed and Schno dominates Marriah poolside and then makes a splash spanking her in the water and giving it to her hard as she likes it against the side of the pool.

blueblood marriah schno pool

Cherry and Ledgrey

Getting it on with real life partner Ledgrey, Cherry looks like a vampire beauty and she just may be a vampire. She has been shooting with BlueBlood for more than a decade and she still looks perfect, with her huge breasts and tight body and delicate sexy features. Just beautiful.

blueblood cherry ledgrey

Punk Rock Sex

Tucked away in a graffiti-strewn cave, Syd Blakovich and Jiz Lee generate some punk rock heat. Another hot interactive BlueBlood shoot by Amelia G and Forrest Black.

blueblood syd jiz hidden

Blue Blood Tattoo Fireplace Sex

Superna looks crazy hot taking a hard pounding from super-tattooed Individual. In this BlueBlood shoot, Superna starts off giving an impressive enthusiastic blowjob. They have energetic sex in so many different positions and Superna finishes rubbing Individual’s cum all over her gorgeous big ink-framed breasts.

blueblood superna individual fireplace sex

Superna Individual Tattoo Magazine Cover

If tattoo magazines had hot tattooed couples touching each other all over naked, then this BlueBlood shoot, starring Superna and Individual, and lensed by Forrest Black and Amelia G, would make a heck of a magazine cover. This magazine style shoot showcases Superna’s beautiful ink and she is hot, hot, hot.

blueblood superna individual ink