Pirate Raven Le Faye


As EroticFandom gears up for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, sultry Raven Le Faye won’t be asked to walk the plank any time soon. Her hot pink hair and delicate features are as dazzling as her giant eye patch pirate belt buckle is blinged out.


eroticfandom raven la faye pirate



Spooky Blonde Valentine Annika Amour


Annika Amour has a spooky ethereal quality to her beauty in this GothicSluts update. Legs for miles and this set gets very naughty, when you see what she does with a Valentine’s Day themed pencil. Everyone have a Happy Valentines Day!


gothicsluts annika amour valentines day 2014



Gothic Halloween Pumpkin Ass

In this GothicSluts Halloween pumpkin carving update, newcomer Jenny Trouble loses her virginity. Not her virginity virginity perhaps, but her jack o’lantern virginity. Apparently she had never carved a pumpkin for Halloween before, but this goth babe was definitely up to the task. The pumpkin looks good too.

gothicsluts halloween pumpkin ass

Annika Amour Bends Over Halloween Pumpkin

The famous Annika Amour looks over-the-top sexy as she first artistically carves a jack o’lantern out of a pumpkin and then straddles it on GothicSluts. Annika Amour has one of the most perfect pussies of any pale beautiful goth art school girl ever, so that pumpkin has one sweet Halloween view.

gothicsluts annika amour halloween pumpkin pussy

Two Girl Emo Teen Pumpkin Halloween Party

The two super cute teens in this GothicSluts Halloween update might look adorable, but beware because they seem to be heavily armed with machetes, saws, and switchblades. Nothing like pale, tight-bodied teens with tattoos and piercings carving pumpkins naked to say, “Happy Halloween”.

gothicsluts emo teen halloween pumpkin carving

Punk Rock Mohawk Babe Tara Toxic Halloween Nude

Tara Toxic has a badass look, with her mohawk and tattoos and evil zombie girl eyes. In this GothicSluts update, she shows how dangerously sexy pumpkin carving can be for Halloween.

Punk Rock Mohawk Babe Tara Toxic Halloween Nude

Tattoo Club Kid Halloween Jen Vixen

In this artsy GothicSluts update, beautiful goth girl Jen Vixen strips out of the outfit (which according to the shoot intro) she wore to the club the night before. There is a certain erotic hallucinatory appeal to this shoot, so that viewing it feels almost like a memory of something lazily sensual which happened at the end of a long night, photos which almost seem like happily remembered if hazy memories of hedonic joy.

gothicsluts jen vixen pink

Nina Sin, Bloody Nina Sin

EroticFandom has some very erotic vampire babes. Nina Sin looks zipper-poppingly hot in this bloody vampire scream queen shoot by Amelia G and Forrest Black. Her pale otherworldly skin fairly glows and the dangerous light in her eyes just makes her that much hotter. Those tattoos and the gold jewelry in her cunt finish off one hell of a hot vamp look.

eroticfandom nina sin bloody vampire

Frisky Frissky Frolics in Fresh Air

EroticBPM always has the hot raver cuties. Frissky is the newest addition to the site and, aside from having a very intriguing sexy name, she is cute as a button and wild enough to get naked in the great outdoors. Clix has her decked out in all the necessary colorful accessories. Frissky has clearly come to party and look great doing it.

eroticbpm frisky